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HJC Europe agrees that the collection and processing of your data, made from the site comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act. Each form limits the collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary (minimization of data) and indicates in particular:


what are the objectives of collecting these data
whether this data is mandatory or optional for the management of your demand
who will be able to access your personal data
your rights and how to exercise them with HJC Europe.

The personal data collected is processed according to secure protocols and allows HJC Europe to manage the requests received. For any information or exercise of your rights on the processing of personal data managed by HJC Europe, you can contact the data protection officer (DPO): by mail (with a copy of your ID in case of exercise your rights) at the following address:

HJC Europe

To the attention of the data protection officer (DPO)
1 Rue Benjamin Silliman Jr.
67116 Reichstett – FRANCE

Cookie management

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Sessions Cookies present on this site:




_ab Used in connection with access to admin.
_secure_session_id Used in connection with navigation through a storefront.
cart Used in connection with shopping cart.
cart_sig Used in connection with checkout.
cart_ts Used in connection with checkout.
checkout_token Used in connection with checkout.
secret Used in connection with checkout.
secure_customer_sig Used in connection with customer login.
storefront_digest Used in connection with customer login.
_shopify_u Used to facilitate updating customer account information.

Reporting and Analytics


Name Function
_tracking_consent Tracking preferences.
_landing_page Track landing pages
_orig_referrer Track landing pages
_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_fs Shopify analytics.
_shopify_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_sa_p Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
_shopify_sa_t Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
_shopify_y Shopify analytics.
_y Shopify analytics.

Other cookies

_ga, _gat : Cookie for Google Analytics (statistics)
GPS, CONSENT, PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, remote_sid : Youtube Cookies ->
cookie_content_* : cookies approval module
You will find all the information on compliance for google analytics here:

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Third party services

Calls to third party services are made. They concern the proper functioning of the site. The third-party services called are: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Analytics.

About cookies

3 types of cookies are deposited on the site of Internal Cookies necessary to the site to function. These cookies allow the site to work optimally. You can oppose and delete them using your browser settings; however your user experience may be degraded.

Audience measurement cookies

In order to adapt the site to the requests of its visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed as well as the activity of visitors to the site and their frequency of return.

We also collect your IP address to determine the city from which you are connecting. This is immediately anonymized after use. HJC Europe cannot, under any circumstances, trace an individual person. This data is not assigned to third parties or used for other purposes. You can choose to decline cookies and statistical analysis of your browsing data.

To make this choice, click below to receive an opt-out cookie:

Data retention period

Request for information from HJC Europe through the contact form: 1 years after processing your demand
News letter registration: until the registrant signifies HJC Europe to delete his personal data.


Purpose The purpose of the data processing is to manage the sending of the HJC Europe newsletter. it is used by HJC Europe to manage suscriptions and develop statistics related to the service.


The purpose of the processing is to manage the sending of the HJC Europe newsletter.
It allows HJC Europe to the development of service-related statistics.

Data processed

e-mail address,
date of subscription,
statistics related to the newsletter service.


Data source

The data comes from the registration by the person wishing to receive the newsletter.
Retention period: until the registrant signifies HJC Europe to delete his personal data