Article 1: Organizers and Contest Objectives

HJC EUROPE SARL is organizing a no-obligation competition entitled RPHA 1 x MotoGP. It runs from May 23, 2024 to May 30, 2024 until 00:00.


Article 2: Participation Conditions

This contest is open to all legal adults, except for the employees of the organizing company. Minors may participate in this contest provided they have obtained express permission from their parents or legal guardians. Participation is strictly personal, and participants may not play under multiple aliases or on behalf of other participants. Each participant must comply with the rules. Any participant who does not meet the criteria of these rules or refuses to justify them may not, in case of winning, benefit from their prize. Only one entry per person is allowed. The organizer reserves the right to verify compliance with this rule. Participation in the contest implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules. This contest is not managed or sponsored by Meta and is open to European residents only.


Article 3: Participation Methods

To participate, follow these steps:


- Login to the website.

- Like the post announcing the competition.


Any participation made contrary to the provisions of the present rules will render the participation invalid. Any participant suspected of fraud may be excluded from the contest by the organizer without having to justify this. Any identification or participation that is incomplete or erroneous, whether intentionally or not, or that is made in a form other than that provided for in the present rules will be considered null and void. The same penalty will apply in the event of multiple entries. The closing date for the game is May 30, 2024 until 00:00.


Article 4: Prizes


The prizes for the competition are as follows:

  • Prize 1: An RPHA 1 helmet worth €699.90 in solid color (choice of graphic, subject to availability) with a MotoGP 2024 game of your choice (PS5 worth €69.99 / PS4 worth €69.99 / Xbox Series X worth €69.99 / Switch worth €49.99) supplied by Plaion SAS.
  • Prize 2: A MotoGP 2024 game of your choice (PS5 worth €69.99 / PS4 worth €69.99 / Xbox Series X worth €69.99 / Switch worth €49.99) provided by Plaion SAS.


The value of the prizes is determined at the time of writing and cannot be disputed. Prizes cannot be exchanged for their cash value at the request of the winners, nor can they be replaced by another prize, nor give rise to partial or total reimbursement. Prizes will be awarded to the person who provided their contact details at the time of connection (surname, first name, valid e-mail address at least}. All costs incurred after the game, in particular for the upkeep and use of these prizes, are entirely at the winner's expense.


Article 5: Determine the Winner

In order to designate the winners of the Contest, a draw will be made by the Organizing Body on May 31, 2024 from among all participants who have complied with the terms and conditions of these rules.


Article 6: Prize Delivery

The winner will be individually informed through the Meta website's messaging application or by email (if the email is provided and visible to the public) of their prize and the terms of availability, no later than one week from the contest's closing date. If the winner cannot be informed or if the prize is not claimed or returned within 15 calendar days following the draw or the winner's designation by the jury, the prize will be forfeited for the participant and will remain the property of the organizer. The organizer cannot be held responsible for delays, losses, damages, or legibility issues of postal services' stamps occurring during delivery.


Article 7: Commitment

Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of all the clauses of these rules by the participants and, for the winner, the acceptance, free of charge, of the publication of their name for advertising or media purposes as part of this operation. Any prize may not give rise to any contestation of any kind, neither for its cash equivalent, nor for an exchange for any reason whatsoever.


Article 8: Exceptional Circumstances

HJC EUROPE SARL reserves the right, without incurring any liability, to shorten, cancel, or extend this operation in exceptional circumstances beyond its control. In the event that these same circumstances prevent the award of the prizes, the winners may not seek the organizer's liability. The decisions that the organizers may have to make to settle disputes related to the interpretation of these rules will be final.


Article 9: Data Protection

The information collected for this competition is required for participation in the RPHA 1 x MotoGP competition. The data may be transmitted to subcontractors of the organizer for the needs of the game. Pursuant to article 27 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, participants have the right to access and rectify their personal data by contacting HJC EUROPE S.A.R.L.

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